Agenda of the Operation

For The Good of Australia

We are a group of Australians that represent the Australian public as a whole, against the censorship of the internet via the Clean Feed Initiative Kevin Rudd's government is putting into action. Our agenda consists of:

1) Education of the public to the governments schemes

2) Action through peaceful protests outside key government buildings around Australia

3) Eradication of the Clean Feed Initiative through the above actions.

4) The re-implementation of the right of free speech, as set down by the UN's Humanitarian Rights.

Refer to the homepage for current events.

We want the right to freely discuss euthanasia. We want our right of free speech. We want our right to gamble online, with our own wages. We want the right to make an informed decision about abortions. We want our right to view WikiLeaks. And we want our right to view adult content.

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