random ideas are here

grab permits before putting details up.
need meeting place and route.

stickers, posters, flyers, flags.

make video showing how to bypass filter easy enough for granny to understand

poster of suggestive rule34 conroy, have CENSORED over rude bits.

we are parenting for you. at the end of the day, the best filter is parent supervision. or good parenting. something like that.

online poker with cards censored out.

also government can totally abuse their power: filtering out sites just to manipulate the public. e.g. pro-issue x, anti-issue x, etc. it can be used for far more than just censoring a couple of porno websites.

filter prvents more than just kiddypr0n.
also RC content. this = not good.
not just about "x" being filtered, also about rights and how they are being trimmed down slowly to nothing.
about not being ripped off as a taxpayer.
waste of taxpayers money.
money should be going to education/prevention in other means.
people going to make a fortune in the illicit VPN industry

filter may 100% not work.
websites are being created all the time.
there are a million ways around this.

censor penises on statues (in a way that won't damage them)

get a celebrity involved.

print out letters to conroy as written on nocleanfeed's website, for protestors to sign their own and then send them individually.
conroy will then receive a mass of letters the next working day, all signed by individual protestors nation wide.

"We want the right to freely discuss euthanasia. We want our right of free speech. We want our right to gamble online, with our own wages. We want the right to make an informed decision about abortions (and dentists?). We want our right to view WikiLeaks. And we want our right to view adult content."

government report itself said that in 95% of tests the filter could be bypassed.
nothing mr conroy said in his announcement actually matched up to the report.
all his quotes were taken drastically out of context.
how can you admit fail and stil go ahead, the logic does not compute.

either nbridge piazza, outside st8 library, or hay st mall.
nbridge piazza has a giant screen. probably a million dollars to use though.

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