Roles for everyone

We are in need of a little group organisation.
Basically, on this page, nominate yourself for whatever position you feel suitable.
If someone has already taken a position that you feel you too can contribute too, then add your name after their name. They are responsible for the task, but must come and ask for your opinion.
Oh and please, always get a second opinion. This is a collaborative project.
There are also some deadlines set. (soon to come, along with a timetable) These are arbitrary, and can easily be changed around. But just make sure you have some sort of deadline.
Also, please add an entry to the Supporters page, giving contact details, outlining your skills set or anything else that you can contribute.

If we all follow these rules, things will go very smoothly.

Thanks guys, ~jelyow.

P.S. I'm sure there are a million things that I've missed out on. Feel free to edit and add and do cartwheels and backflips as you desire. Just use your common sense.

Stickers, flyers, posters, flags and signs

DESIGNER: to design stickers, flyers, posters, flags and signs:
CONTENT WRITER: for stickers, posters, flags/signs (slogans and stuff):
CONTENT WRITER2: for flyers/info sheets:
ENQUIRER: cost estimates for printing etc.


VOICE: to star in video, reading out a speech:
CONTENT WRITER3: for video speech being read out by voice:
DIRECTOR: for video, writes script:
FILMER: someone with a camera to film content:

PROGRAMMERS: give me your name and what you can do (html, css, etc.):
SOMEONE: to write up an "action" page. Gives Conroy's contact deets and all that. Or a form that average joe can fill out that sends emails/faxes to senators:
SOMEONE ELSE: to learn about the filter and how we can bypass it.


One for each city. Put name and city down.

PERMIT gatherer:
ROUTE planner:


Advertisement Manager:
IRC Manager:

Name and contact please.

Perth Representative:
Sydney Representative:
Canberra Representative:
Melbourne Representative:

Tessa Remfry, email: moc.liamg|htimslelorp#moc.liamg|htimslelorp.

Hobart Representative:
Darwin Representative:
Adelaide Representative:
Brisbane Representative:
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