I made this page so people who wish to offer their services to the cause can post in which ways they can help.
This could be anything really. The ability to print flyers or organise hardware for the protests (projector) or your elite photoshop skills. It would probably be a good idea to post some way of contacting you.

I live in Germany so I can't help with any IRL protests or anything. I can however offer:

  • basic final cut skills (video editing)
  • photoshop skills (however I'm sure there are people here that can do much better then me)
  • I'm not sure if this is any help but I have good audio editing skills and I could do the sound for any Videos
  • I can easily make a screencast of how to bypass the censorship on Mac OSX, Windows XP or any Linux Distro that will run in my VM Software if someone tells me the steps necessary to avoid the censorship
  • I can offer html and css skills but am at a total loss when it comes to php, javascript and such

I am willing to do my part to help you guys. For me this isn't just an Australian problem. And I don't mind getting my hands a little dirty.
Feel free to contact me:
icq/aim: 569561689
msn messenger: ed.evil|174sessikteews#ed.evil|174sessikteews (don't mind the weird name and don't email this address)
skype: alastairreece (I'm hardly ever on skype though)
email: moc.liamelgoog|eceer.riatsala#moc.liamelgoog|eceer.riatsala (IM is preferred if I am online. But my email goes to my phone so I get that even if I'm out)
Also don't worry about timezones. I have a strange sleeping pattern anyway ;-)

I'm pretty much just using up this spot for a things to do list. If you would like to help me out that would be awesome.

  • learn about getting around filter, for video purposes. (changing DNS servers, proxies, all that stuff).
  • learn about how the filter works. probs should do this before learning how to get round it.
  • write up template email for average joe and jane.
  • write up email to send to EFA asking to put protest on nocleanfeed site.
  • write something simple on wiki about how the average joe can take action, send an email, letter, fax anything, give template to work with. find someone who can write code for this.
  • spam on forums everywhere.
  • write up script for video.
  • find people to shoot video and to star in video. Btw, am happy to star in video but need someone with pro filming skillz, based in perth. kthxbai.

Contact me on moc.liam7y|wollej#moc.liam7y|wollej, or on the irc channel, i'm almost always online there.

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