UPDATE: Dx and co are currently working on a new website and dedicated IRC.
A preview of what's to come early to mid next week (21st - 30th December) can be found here.

This page is to discuss anything about the website (

At the moment it seems that I am doing the website but I will glady let anyone with more skills take over. I don't mind if you want to change anything on the website but if you do please make a backup of the old version of any files you change (i would recomend a folder with the date as the name inside the "backup" folder) and let me know here so that I don't end up overwriting your changes if I work on an older version from my harddrive.

I won't be making any major changes to the homepage without discussing it with you here or on irc first. If you however feel that I have ever taken too many liberties with the site please do let me know.

Please don't ask me for the ftp details as I don't feel that I have the right to hand them out. Ask denwa.


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